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Chiropractic for Migraine & Tension Headaches

Headaches in general are one of the biggest headaches for many traditional health care providers to manage in the care of their patients.  In fact, headaches are one of the top problems that bring people to the doctor. 

Many headaches are managed with prescription NSAIDs.  The problem here is something called rebound headaches.  Rebound headaches occur when headache symptoms are suppressed with medication, only to "rebound" (.e., get worse that they were to start with), when medication is discontinued.  

There are many types of headaches, ranging from classic migraine and migraine variants, to common tension headaches. Some headaches are "mixed headaches", meaning that one kine doc headache (such as tension headache) lead to or is superimposed on another (such as migraine). When a detailed history of headaches is described by a patient about their headaches, they often describe a mixed headache.  on elf the most common contributors to a mixed headache, and the only cause of many headaches, it the tension type of headache.

But even "tension headaches" have been shown to be more than tension.  Most of these are not more accurately described and diagnosed as "cervicogenic headache", meaning that they are originating from the cervical spine – often from a complex of joint and muscle strain.  

Cervicogenic headaches (and tension headaches) and true chiropractic territory.  We have helped countless patients with headaches of theses types over the years.  A good chiropractor is a blessing for most headache patients. 

Migraine headaches have also been shown to be helped by chiropractic care.  Recent research papers strongly support the help chiropractic care can be for headaches, including migraine headaches (i.e., Jour Manipulative Phys Med 34:5, 2011 ; Int J Thera Massage Bodyworks 5:1, 2012 ;  Complement There Med 11:2, 2012) .  It is clear and widely accepted that there is more reasonable help for headaches aside from medication.  

ProActive Spine Care has helped countless patients with headaches as part of their symptom pattern over the years.  My activity in the Tacoma Chronic Headache program, a multidisciplinary panel of medical and alternative care providers in the Tacoma area clearly demonstrated the help the chiropractic care had for even chronic, disabling, and intractable headache patients. 

If you are looking for insightful are for headaches in the Tacoma, Fircrest, University Place, or surrounding areas, give us a call.  We are here to help.  Call now at 253-564-1288.

Austin McMillin Chiropractor

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