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Our 5 Star Focus


Our mission is to be your best Tacoma Chiropractor by being different.

How do you know you have the right chiropractor?  Or the right care approach for your spine, muscles and joints? It is much more that just average chiropractic expertise.  

At ProActive Spine Care, we have seen many people that have had less than favorable care, and all sorts of chiropractic care before coming to see us. We aim to do a better job - and do the best for you.  We do that by combining top chiropractic care experience, with a great care experience, and a commitment to help move you to your best health.   

The focus is on you.  

Some chiropractors are focused on providing chiropractic care.   Some practice using a the same technique (approach) on everyone.  Some try to project care plans for a year or more.  Our approach is different. 

Our focus is on finding the best care for you.  There are perhaps hundreds of different chiropractic techniques to consider, and many more manual therapies, and we have proficiency training in a wide range of effective care options.  We also consider the range of medical approaches that many be indicated for the conditions we see.  Top it all off with the spectrum of alternative, natural, and wellness directions.  We understand that you rely on our expertise to find just what is right – AND BEST – for you.  

Our patients come to appreciate the open-minded and well-rounded clinical advice they get form us. 

Professional clinic environment with friendly care coordinators.  

We know that we can be the best Tacoma chiropractor, but people also need a great care experience – especially when looking for back pain relief, neck pain relief, headache relief, or care of sports injuries, whiplash, or work injuries. 

That's why we have focused on providing a clean, professional, comfortable clinic with modern equipment.  But what's really important is that we back that up with friendly, helpful patient care coordinators that are here to make sure your care is smooth throughout your care plan. 

Welcome to "New School".

New research and new information comes out almost daily. Many health care providers just don't bother to keep up. But we do.  

We strive to integrate the latest information to help you, using leading edge approaches. When it comes to your health, we think "old school" is just not good enough. 

Top expertise in Tacoma & South Puget Sound.

Our patients give us rave reviews based on the care they receive every day.  But some don't know that we are busy beyond daily care.  Our providers are clinically published authors, continuing education instructors, program developers, professionally awarded clinicians, and requested experts.  We put the same level of expertise and commitment to full use in the care of every patient we see. 


ProActive Spine Care
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