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Insurance Help


We have insurance resources to make sure verification and billing go smoothly.

We are Preferred or Participating Providers with Many Insurance Plans. 

We set out to help maximize your insurance coverage by participating with many of our local insurance plans.  That usually makes finding an affordable Tacoma chiropractor easier.  We are preferred or participating providers with insurance plans including Regence, Premera, Group Health, Blue Cross / Blue Shield, First Choice, Healthways, Lifewise, Aetna, and many others (some plans vary).  We are also participating providers with Medicare. We also provide out of network care for insurance plans that provide this benefit.

We Provide Care Under Auto Collision and Worker's Compensation Coverage. 

We also regularly provide care for those who have auto accident or work injury coverage.  Some of these coverages allow for care ties no out of pocket expense.  

Our Insurance Specialists are Ready to Help You. 

We have patient care coordinators ready to help you with insurance verification and other questions you may have.  Insurance verification can be trick and confusion, so put our expertise to use to help determine coverage under your health plan, accident or injury insurance coverage, or Health Savings Accounts. 

Complementary Assistance to Verify Coverage & Bill Insurance Carriers. 

Although your insurance coverage is always a contract between you and your insurance company (not the doctor and the insurance company), we provide complementary services to verify coverage benefits.  ​We often are able to uncover areas of coverage that patients may not be aware of These areas of coverage can help provide coverage for the care you need. 

We also provide complementary insurance billing and processing, a service which is usually a huge help to patients that don't fully understand the insurance reimbursement system and tactics of insurance to attempt to deny reimbursement.

ProActive Spine Care Insurance Help Mission:

Our goals at ProActive Spine Care is to help you in every way we can as your Tacoma chiropractor to make the confusing and sometimes difficult world of insurance be a easier on you.  This will help you get on track to back pain relief, neck pain relief, whiplash care, headache relief, sports injury care, pregnancy car, disc herniation care, or other spine or musculoskeletal condition.  We help you try to remover financial barriers to better health, and provide affordable care.

Whether you are looking for a general family chiropractor, sports chiropractor, injury chiropractor, or overall health and wellness chiropractor, we are here to help. Call us today.


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