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Modern Chiropractic Care FAQ


Modern Chiropractic Care Q & A

Here are some of the answers to common questions about modern chiropractic care:

Q:  How relevant is chiropractic in health care?

A:  Chiropractic is the fastest growing and second largest primary health care profession in the United States.  Chiropractic as a branch of the healing arts, focuses on good health, wellness and quality of life issues, and does not include drugs of surgery. 

Q:  What makes modern chiropractic different from traditional chiropractic?

A:  Modern chiropractic employs procedures based on academic and clinical training that supported by the prevailing research and outcome-based best health care practices.  ProActive Spine Care uses approaches that are trained by chiropractic colleges and which include the use of current diagnostic tests and therapeutic procedures.  Many of these procedures are advanced and supported by understanding of clinical publications.  Modern chiropractic care is a sophistocated approach to the diagnosis and conservative care of functional health and wellness.

Q:  Who uses modern chiropractic care?

A:  Modern chiropractic care is used by scores of everyday people.  Millions of Americans use modern chiropractic are every year, and there are millions more people around the world using chiropractic care for back pain, neck pain, headaches, and functional care of muscle pain, joint pain, general health and wellness, and improved performance every year.  Athletes also use modern chiropractic to prevent injuries and improve performance. Sports chiropractic care is also being used more and more as part of team health care approaches. 

Q:  How does ProActive Spine Care use modern chiropractic to help pain relief and better function?

A: At ProActive Spine Care, we use modern chiropractic are as one of the safest and best avenues for pain relief without drugs or surgery.  We also use modern chiropractic care to improve function and quality of life.  As your Tacoma chiropractor, we use modern chiropractic care as an effective approach to support pain relief, improve movement and activity, and drive better functional health and wellness.   

Q:  How does modern chiropractic care compare to other approaches like physical therapy and general medical care?

A: In short, modern chiropractic care is a better health care choice in most cases. Modern chiropractic care has been shown repeatedly in high quality research to be more effective and less expensive than physical therapy and general medical practice. Modern chiropractic care has also been shown to be the preferred care direction for many conditions over drugs and surgery.  It has also been shown to be more beneficial compared to doing nothing, and there has also been research studies showing benefits of "maintenance chiropractic care". 

Q:  Is modern chiropractic care good for more than back alignment or back pain?

A: YES!  Far more!  Modern chiropractic care uses a scientific approach to diagnosis of problems throughout the body, and most specifically for diagnosis and care of the general neuromusculoskeletal system.  The modern chiropractic care practiced at ProActive Spine Care includes care for a wide range of spinal conditions involving the lumbar spine (low back), thoracic spine (mid back), cervical spine (neck), and pelvis, and also for problems outside the spine, too.  These include care of major weight bearing joints like hips and knees, shoulder and rotator cuff problems, overuse and movement control problems like tennis elbow and carpal tunnel, and performance issues like athletic injury prevention, postural strain, foot problems like plantar fasciitis, balance training for seniors, and core fitness and performance.  Modern chiropractic care focuses on a whole-person approach to care, including overall health and wellness, better energy, sleep, stress reduction, ergonomics, diet and nutrition, exercise, and home care.


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