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Rehab and Therapy


We provide state-of-the-art spine, body core, & functional rehab therapy.

Great care is usually about more than just pain relief. 

One thing that sets us apart and above general chiropractic and physical therapy clinics is our commitment to correct conditioning, and our ability to apply leading research to design the best approaches.  We also know that approaches that are inconvenient or cumbersome are directions that patients just don't like and won't use on an ongoing basis.  That's why our approaches are user-friendlly, convenient to continue, and are designed for long-term success.

Proper conditioning of the spine and body core is not just a good idea.  It is essential.  Most people know they need some from of condition, but just don't know what to do.   Pain and injury to the spine often leads to deep hidden weaknesses that have been linked to pain recurrences and future structural damage. Making the crossover to effective conditioning is critical to long term spine and musculoskeletal health.  In fact, spinal manipulative therapy has been shown to be even more effective for back and neck problems when combined with conditioning.  

We have seen that too many traditional chiropractic and physical therapy clinics are following "old school" methods that are not backed by the most recent research.  Worse yet, some facilities do not provide any conditioning advice or approaches at all.   The best care links treatment with training, and that is a key ProActive Difference.  We are the only Tacoma chiropractor that has a dedicated rehab and functional care department that is centered on the latest skills-based upright dynamic conditioning approaches.  We even instruct other chiropractors in our rehab department to train them on how to deliver more modern and effective care for their own patients.

Our care approaches include research-based, easy to use, effective conditioning that focuses on more complete care, faster progress, and more long term results.  Our overall focus is to help you become pain free, enhance your function, and improve your quality of life. 

Cutting Edge Approaches

While some people may think that cutting edge is using more expensive equipment and a huge fancy facility, we know that usually only drives up the cost of health care, and drives down convenience and user-friendliness.  Cutting edge actually means being smarter about what we are doing and why.  We use well designed, low-tech, highly effective systems that are low cost and streamlines to maximize real results. Our approaches include progressive skills-based conditioning that is more in line with realistic functional improvements to meet daily occational, sport, and recreational demands. 

We think that providing leading edge rehab and conditioning is adding the best value to our patients.  We are one of the only chiropractic care facilities in South Puget Sound to have a dedicated on-site rehab facility, and the only one specifically dedicated to include on-site teaching of new active care protocols developed right at ProActive Spine Care to other care providers.  

Rehab & Functional Care for Real World Activity

We use modern rehab strategies that are designed to improve recovery and return you to an active life.  Our approaches are designed to be superior to "old school" traditional approaches that are too simplistic to really cross over to better real world function and performance.  If you are looking for a Tacoma chiropractor with a sports medicine approach, give us a call.

Click the video >> to see more about real world activities that functional rehab needs to support:

Home Care Integration

Exercise and conditioning for backs, necks, spine, body core, and general muscles and joints is only really effective is it makes a successful cross over to home care.  

We deliver easy home care exercise and conditioning protocols that help improve good habits for better self care. 

Pioneering New Directions

There are two kinds of care providers – leaders and followers.  We are definitely not followers.

We help the people in Tacoma, University Place, and Fircrest by including cutting edge active care within our care plans for necks, backs, and general muscle and joint conditions. And when the emerging research indicates a new and better direction, we set out to create protocols to meet that need.  Some of our innovative approaches developed right at ProActive Spine Care are now being adopted and used in some of the best spine care facilities around the country.  We also regularly teach new protocols we develop for professional continuing education around Washington State, around the country, and for chiropractic colleges.

If you are looking for "new school" cutting edge approaches, look no further.  

Spine Safe Protocols

Some popular exercises for the spine and body core are actually not that good for better spine health.  Sit-ups, basic planks, bending and twisting systems, leg lifts, and weight-lifting or body building approaches are among the directions that are risky to spine health.

We help you steer away from poorly designed approaches, and more into better spine safe systems that improve overall functional health.

Benefits of Better Spine & Central Body Conditioning:

Benefits of better spine and central body conditioning include enhanced results for traditional chiropractic and manual therapies; better injury recovery; better movement control; better performance of daily activities and sports; reduced risk of pain recurrence; better neurological function; better balance; reduced risk of injury and micro trauma; and reduced fall risk.


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