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Providing Dynamic Lectures and Workshops for Groups Large and Small


About the Instructor:

Dr. Austin McMillin, Tacoma Chiropractor and Clinic Director of ProActive Spine Care, has been a popular and regularly requested instructor for professional and general community education.  His lectures and workshops are dynamic, informative, and evidence-based.  He has lectured and conducted workshops for small groups, as well as large event lectures/workshops for groups in the hundreds.  Dr. McMillin's extensive background and training offer a unique opportunity to bring fresh, new, and research-based content to your group.

Dr. McMillin has provided educational lectures and workshops throughout the Tacoma community related to workplace education and safety, as well as general health and wellness.  He has also been requested as a lecturer and clinical skills workshop instructor throughout the United States. He has conducted dynamic programs for professional groups numbering in the hundreds, and is equally at home instructing small groups. 

Dr. McMillin has also been a requested lectured for chiropractic, medical, and multidisciplinary professional groups across the country, as well as been an invited Continuing Education Instructor for colleges and universities, post-graduate programs, specialty groups, and State Associations.   

Highly Relevant Topics & Content:

Lecture and workshop presentations are customized to fit the group and venue, with diverse content including:

  • Chiropractic and manual therapies
  • Musculoskeletal and spine trauma diagnosis
  • Active spine, body core, and musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  • Designing better rehab home care transitions
  • Documentation, coding, and relative value service
  • Integrated and team strategies in health care
  • The foundations of health and wellness
  • Functional sport & athletic approach to spine and core conditioning
  • Key nutritional supplementation and natural anti-inflammatory strategies
  • Neurological basis for better spine and core training
  • Protocols for Dynamic Upright Triplanar Endurance Stabilization of the spine and core
  • ... and more. 

Presentations Geared to Generate Great Feedback:

Lectures, presentations, and workshops are turnkey.  Audiovisual needs may need to be arranged depending on the focus on the presentation and group size.

You should expect a professional, engaging, dynamic, and interesting instruction.

Information is designed to result in positive and easy to implement changes or improvements.    

Feedback and reviews of Dr. McMillin's lectures and workshops are exceptionally high and well regarded.  

Customize Presentations to Fit Your Needs:

Many groups have areas of special interests or content needs, or there may be a global topic for a conference for which lecture content needs to fit.  Dr. McMillin is skilled at providing lecture content that integrated well with the intended broader focus. 

How to Request:

To request a lecture, seminar, presentation, or workshop, simply complete send an inquiry email to  

Be sure to indicate the date to be reserved; time frame needing to be filled; expected group size; and any special content requests.  Also be sure to indicate the group, institution, or association sponsoring the event, and content information for the coordinator.  We will then respond to open the dialogue to formalize the engagement. 


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