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Whiplash Specialists


Same day whiplash care appointments available.  No referral required.  

Guiding whiplash & injury recovery for over 25 years.

Whiplash injuries can be quite serious.  They also can become a chronic or lifelong problem.  Although many health care providers claim to deliver effective whiplash care, we see too many patients who have been injured in a car accident and had an incomplete examination or diagnostic work-up, limited or narrowly focused treatment – or worse yet, some with no treatment at all. 

We have been providing whiplash assessments and care coordination for a long time.  Dr. McMillin has extensive training in spine trauma, diagnostic imaging, and care coordination.  He also has recognized exercise in the area of spine trauma and whiplash, and is a requested expert in injury cases.  

If you have suffered a whiplash or other injury, give us a call today. Our focus is on a thorough diagnosis, clear answers, effective care, and supportable treatment plans that are evidence-based.  We are also focused on providing necessary information to the legal and insurance systems so that your injuries can be properly managed in those settings. 

Advanced expertise working for you.

When it comes to whiplash care, run-of-the-mill approaches may not be good enough.  In fact, if you have been injured in a car accident, and your care is not properly focused to your injuries, recovery may be compromised.  Too often, people get generic medication to address pain, or non-specific therapy to recuse symptoms, but more complete care is missed.  The person that pays the price for this in the long run is you. Poorly treated injuries can contribute to long term residuals or recurrent pain. 

At ProActive Spine Care, we have been treating car accent injuries for years, and we have the advanced training about the range of care accident injuries that vastly improves the ability to ensure a better outcome. 

INSURANCE HELP & EXPERTISE: Do you have insurance questions, or unsure about your coverage?  No problem!  Our experienced Patient Care Coordinators are here to help.  We have lots of courtesy help ranging from verifying your coverage and claim status to billing your insurance for you.  Insurance and courtesy services are fully explained in our financial policies. 

Qualified examination & diagnosis.

We know proper treatment begins with a thorough examination and diagnosis.  We specialize in whiplash and injury examination, and use that examination to make a supported diagnosis.   When necessary, we refer for special tests like Xray, MRI, scans, or consultation services.  In whiplash and personal injury cases where there are insurance companies and attorneys potentially involved, we know that injuries need to be supported by clear examination and test findings.  We have been providing qualified examinations, diagnosis, care plans, and documentation for personal injury cases for manyyears. 

Focused treatment for whiplash and accident-related spine injuries.

Once your examination is completed, and tests have been analyzed, a specific treatment plan is made focused on returning you to a pre-injury status.  

Our patients appreciate that our care plans are customized, and that many of there treatment needs extend beyond basic chiropractic adjusting,  We apply a far more research-based and sports medicine type of an approach to whiplash and spine injuries.  We help our patients understand that these injuries often lead to hidden weaknesses that, if not addressed, may cause pain to relapse later, even after insurance or injury claims have been settled.

We see too many patients who have not had a proper diagnosis or treatment for their injuries.  Our goal is simply to do a much better job for our fiends and neighbors in Tacoma, Fircrest, and University Place, starting from Day 1.   

Requested injury & impairment expert.

Our clinic director, Dr. Austin McMillin, is a recognized injury and impairment rating expert.  He has specialized training in injury evaluations, disability, and impairment ratings.  

Dr. McMillin is regularly requested to provide assessments injury cases, and asked to provide evaluations of necessary care and residual injuries.  He is also qualified and regularly requested to provide impairment ratings in injury cases, and determine causation related to specific injury events. 

Qualified second opinion and independent examiner.

Dr. McMillin provides second opinions in a wide range of injury cases.  This includes providing confirmatory consultations for other doctors, and independent case reviews.  He has also been a requested consulting doctor in cases of negligence and malpractice.  

Dr. McMillin has been nationally certified in Independent Examinations and Impairment Rating, and has been a consultant for the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.  He is published in the clinical literature, and skilled at whiplash evaluation.

Experience in case presentation & court testimony.

Injury cases that include car accidents and the range of personal injury cases can and sometime do end up in court.  Dr. McMillin is experiences in providing clear and concise explanations and testimony in court, as well as other proceedings such as arbitration.


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