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Hear about us from the people we have helped, read our written reviews:


“Very caring and professional.  Dr. McMillin always gives the best advice and tips for at home care and treats the whole person.”

- K.G.  (back and hip pain patient)


“I came in with neck pain. The adjustment relieved the pain and I was happy to be able to move again. Every time I'm stiff or have any pain at all, getting an adjustment helps so much and makes me feel much better.  Dr. McMillin is wonderful! Always so helpful and directs me on what steps to take to keep paying to minimum. He showed me ways to stretch my muscles in my neck. The massage therapy I’ve also had is also very good. The clinic has always been wonderful!  Great customer service.  You always feel like you're part of the family.”

-L.S.  (back pain, neck pain, and headache patient)


“I came in with pain, stiffness, and lack of range of motion in my neck and back. Treatment has greatly improved the problem. Dr. McMillin is a very patient oriented and concerned and has a great deal of experience in his field. There is minimal waiting time and convenient appointments."

- J.H.  (back and neck pain patient)


“I came to Dr. McMillin for headaches, neck pain, and mid back pain. The treatment help reduce my headaches quickly by about 75%, and now they are almost gone.  Dr. McMillin immediately had a plan to help with my symptoms.  Where I appreciated most is his sincere plan to treat me as quickly as possible with the longest term fix in the lowest possible cost. Dr. McMillin really listens to his patients and evaluates and treats based on need.  I began feeling relief almost instantly after months of pain.  The massage therapy is also excellent.  The massage techniques and lasting results exceed any other massage therapist I've seen.  The clinic and care from the doctrine staff are warm and friendly.”

- C.H.  (neck and mid back pain with headaches patient)


“I had a problem with neck and shoulder pain, and also had some ankle issues.  ProActive Spine Care has helped provide good service friendly environment. Dr. McMillin listens to my problems and helps my pain. The adjustments have helped my neck and shoulders. I enjoy coming here! Visiting with Dr. McMillin and the staff is generally an excellent way to end the day. I refer all of my friends and family here. Everyone that has come to see Dr. McMillin only has the best praises whether I refer them or not.”

- J.K.  (neck pain, shoulder pain and ankle pain patient)


“My problem started after doing some exercises at Curves which caused me pain in my neck and back. I also have rheumatoid arthritis in my hands. Adjustments to my neck and hips relief my pain, and laser therapy he has provided for me has helped relieve the rheumatoid arthritis joint pain in my hands and assists in my flexibility.  I have relied on Dr. McMillin for several years and he has provided excellent service and professional care.  I love the peaceful decor in his office.”

- J.B.  (back pain and rheumatoid arthritis patient)


“I came to see Dr. McMillin for neck pain and headaches after a neck fusion many years ago. The treatment has definitely helped.  Dr. McMillin and the care he has directed has also helped me work on exercise to help with my problem.”

- L.H.  (neck and back pain patient with history of spinal fusion surgery)


“I had been having problems with pain on the right side of my neck. Treatment has been very helpful. Dr. McMillin has been patient and kind, and the clinic and the care that I have received has been effective and comfortable.”

- E.G.  (neck pain patient with arthritis)


“I came in with severe pain in my back and hips. I needed help to gain back some of the ability I have lost due to pain and be able to be active again.  After just a few treatments I am starting to see a decrease in pain and I am already able to participate in more activities than before treatment started. Dr. McMillin is professional, personable, and listens to concerns and questions I have. He is understanding about anxieties I may have and is respectful to me. The staff is friendly, efficient, and respectful to clients.  As a nurse, I am appreciative and impressed that Dr. McMillin ordered the x-rays I needed before any treatments. His discussing x-ray results with me help me understand my back condition and alleviated fears I've had about my back health.”

- C.B.  (back and hip pain patient with hip and spine disc arthritis)


“I was having problems with back pain. The treatment helped relieve the pain and provide a long-term solution. Dr. McMillin is helped relieve my back pain and provide advice on exercise to help in the long term. Dr. McMillin is very knowledgeable and customer friendly. The massage therapy recommended also helps relieve my pain and reduce stiffness.”

- J.S.  (back pain patient with structural misalignment and whiplash)


“I came in with left shoulder and low back pain. The treatment has helped to decrease the pain significantly. I have been relying on Dr. McMillin for problems like this that come up for over 10 years off and on, and he has always created program necessary to improve my overall performance. I love the way the massage therapy I receive relaxes my muscles prior to my adjustments. Everyone at the clinic is kind, courteous, and focused on the well-being of their patients."

- K.V.  (back shoulder pain patient with whiplash and disc damage)


“Initially I came in with hip pain and I wanted some kind of answers. Not only did I get answers to my questions but the care I have received has helped rehabilitate my back to be healthier. Dr. McMillin is very up-to-date on all the new back care and helps guide me away from exercises are actually hurting me further. The care has been very helpful in my rehab. The help I received here is not just temporary but the knowledge I've been given about the health of my back will carry me on for many years."

- R.H.  (back and sciatic pain patient with disc damage; athlete)


“I came to see Dr. McMillin with back pain.  I had seen another chiropractor and physical therapist but that did not help.  I have only been able to have three treatments with Dr. McMillin but they have each shown additional pain relief.  Dr. McMillin needed to have X-rays to diagnose my problem, and he was very careful to explain my problems and treatment I needed to correct the problem. I felt I received personal care and attention. The clinic is a very comfortable environment.  My appointments have been prompt.  My diagnosis was very thorough and the treatments were carefully explained."

- J.R.  (back with spinal compression fracture)


“I was having back and neck pain, and Dr. McMillin helped me.  He pout things the way they should be. The care has been great, and now I am doing really good! I believe that ProActive Spine Care is the very best!"

-T.P.  (back and sciatic pain patient)


“I was having pain in my left arm and I thought something was being pinched in my neck.  Dr. McMillin’s treatment has helped, and now the pain is gone. I got detailed explanations of what was wrong and what needed to be done to help it.  I also got some massage therapy which was excellent and helped me a lot.  I appreciate not having to “cool my heels” waiting for my appointment."

-G.W.  (back and neck pain patient; spinal surgery history)


“Most recently my neck was stiff after driving to the ocean. Dr. McMillin can always find that ‘spot’ and fix it.  I have been seeing Dr. McMillin now and then since first suffering a soft tissue injury several years ago.  Dr. McMillin found that I have degenerative disc disease, and he continues to help me care for that.  I always feel better after an adjustment.  The staff here is always positive and friendly."

- Anon.  (neck pain patient with spinal disc disease)

"Initially I came in with hip pain and I wanted some kind of answers. Not only did I get answers to my questions but the care I have received has helped rehabilitate my back to be healthier. Dr. McMillin is very up-to-date on all the new back care and helps guide me away from exercises are actually hurting me further. The care has been very helpful in my rehab. The help I received here is not just temporary but the knowledge I've been given about the health of my back will carry me on for many years."

- R.H.  (back and sciatic pain patient with disc damage; athlete)


“I was having neck pain and arm numbness.  I found Dr. McMillin to be very knowledgeable and he explains what is going on and what he is doing very clearly.  He has multiple approaches and my treatment is very specific and adapts to changes as they occur.   The clinic and staff is a great team!  They are very cohesive in all phases from intake to treatment to rehab and to billing."

- C.C.  (neck pain with nerve injury; athlete; health care provider)

“When I started having low back and numbness down the leg I came to see Dr. McMillin.  I was also having chronic migraines.  Dr. McMillin helped me and now I’m much improved!  I have no pain in my leg anymore. I am very happy with the care from Dr. McMillin and his staff.  Specific exercises have been very helpful and are addressing problem areas.  The clinic and staff are great!"

- K.H.  (back pain, sciatica, and headache; disc injury and past spinal fracture )


“My back was all messed up and my hips were off.  After seeing Dr. McMillin my back has felt totally normal.  The care that has been directed for me has been helpful and the exercises I have been given have also been helpful when I do them.  The care I have received has been very helpful to get my back better.”

-T.G.  (back pain patient; athlete)


“I came to see Dr. McMillin for my stiff neck and restricted range of motion.  Now people have stopped asking me, ‘Man, what the hell’s wrong with your neck?’.  When I move my head I have gained at least 30 degrees of motion left and right.  The care I have gotten from Dr. McMillin has been incredible.  I regularly recommend him to my friends.  The massage therapy here is also incredible.  Overall ProActive Spine Care has wonderful care and even better staff!”

- L.K.  (neck pain with arthritis)

“I had been having neck and shoulder pain and I needed help to relieve that pain. So far treatment has really helped and we are still working on it.  I have seen Dr. McMillin in the past for other problems including a work and a car accident injury and he has fixed those problems for me.  I have tried different doctors that were closer to my location but no one of them come close to what Dr. McMillin has done for me.  I have always had good care here.”

- A.M.  (neck and shoulder pain patient)


“I came in for help with back and hip pain, and I was also having headaches. The care here has helped me with pain control and I am now having no headaches.  Dr. McMillin has helped me tremendously with pain control and relief and bringing me to the point of no pain.  He also has a very personable staff.”

- T.M.  (back pain, hip pain and headache patient with disc damage)


“I had migraines for years.  I also had back and neck pain.  I had seen many doctors. Dr. McMillin is the only one that was able to help me with my headaches and back and neck pain.  Now I have very few headaches.  The massage therapy has also been heavenly.  The clinic and staff are great, flexible and friendly.”

-M.V.  (migraines, back and neck pain patient; spinal arthritis)

“I came to see Dr. McMillin for neck and shoulder pain. The treatment has helped me immensely.  He has also helped me with back pain.  My mobility is also improved and I have been taught ways to improve my posture and exercise properly for better flexibility and mobility.  Gotta love Dr. McMillin! His care has been commendable.  I love the front desk staff, too!”

- J.J.  (neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain patient)


“I like that I can get in right away when I need to. They are always great and helpful.”

-H.P.  (neck pain, nerve injury, whiplash patient)


“I had low back pain and rouble walking. I found that coming to Dr. McMillin that I am now able to move and walk better. He found several issues with my back, and I have been betting the best therapy that is professional and friendly.  ProActive Spine Care gives me very good care, and the clinic is comfortable.”

- C.S.  (back pain, disc injury, sciatica patient)


“Dr. McMillin has kept me up and walking during some very bad times.  He knows how to adjust the care to exactly what I need at the time.”

- C.S.  (back pain, hip and knee arthritis patient)


“My tight and sore muscles were making me feel awful all over.   The care with Dr. McMillin has really helped me.  I highly recommend him!  Dr. McMillin is the best.  I have 100% confidence in all he does.  He has been extremely helpful. They always have excellent service.  I highly recommend them to all my friends and family.  Whenever I need help this is my first choice. I know I will get the very best service.”

- A.M.  (back pain, neck pain, arthritis, whiplash patient)


“Dr. McMillin is very professional, and he communicates his expectations and treatment. He is a very kind compassionate doctor.  I was having severe neck pain and upper back pain with numbness in my right hand and arm. Now I have more mobility and my pain is much better, and the numbness in my arm and hand have decreased greatly.  His approach is a team effort, and he provides excellent care and expertise. I am very pleased with the excellent care I have received.”

- P.M.  (neck pain with nerve compression patient)


“The treatment has helped me a lot.  I was having low back pain, numbness in my right leg, and a ‘stuck’ neck.  The clinic is a nice and friendly place.”

- C.F.  (back pain sciatica patient with disc damage)


“I transferred my care to Dr. McMillin because I was having facial numbness.  My prior chiropractor of 3 years and my PCP did not diagnose the problem and they ran no tests.  After the first visit with Dr. McMillin I had a diagnostic plan and tests scheduled.  After the test results he provided care accordingly and I began to feel relief after the first treatment, and I have not had numbness since that first treatment.  I truly appreciate finding a chiropractor with discretion that doesn’t over-treat.  Aside from healing the cause of my symptoms, I also received something that my other practitioners did not offer – validation that I was truly having a problem and that I was not simply over-reacting or complaining.  Over the course of 2 years repeating my symptoms to other doctors over and over I felt voiceless and unheard.  Dr. McMillin took the time to hear what I was saying, design a proactive plan, and make certain that I was part of my treatment solution.  His staff is reflective of his treatment standards. They are personable and efficient and enthusiastic about helping their patients achieve a healthier standard of living.”  

- A.M.  (neck pain and facial numbness patient; athlete)


Lower back pain that hadn't been helped by another chiropractor resulted in a referral to Dr. McMillin. He was professional, a good communicator, and knowledgable.  My back was very bad when I started treatment but now I'm back to my active lifestyle that includes working out at the gym, hiking and snowshoeing. What I REALLY liked about the treatment was the use of the CentriForce bar. It enabled me to engage in rehab at home and I'm convinced that it was an important component to my recovery. I've referred a friend to Dr. McMillin for low back problems and he had the same outcome-excellent."

- A.L. 1


I started seeing Dr. McMillin for significant back pain after treatment with another chiropractor was unsuccessful. The defining factor that led to the recovery of my back pain was the use of a weighted bar for only minutes a day. Dr. McMillin was one of the developers of that approach. The use of this exercise aide and chiropractic adjustments was what I needed to recover. Everyone in the office was polite and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. McMillin whenever anyone is having back pain. Dr. McMillin was attentive and competent. He answered my many questions with clarity and patience. I saw him on and off for a few years (he also helped with out with a shoulder injury) and thought his treatment was appropriate and helpful."

- A.L. 2


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