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Custom Foot Orthotics


Reduce foot strain and postural stress with 20/20 Custom Posture Orthotics. 

Why orthotics?

Foot orthotics help position the foot in the normal neutral position called subtaler neutral  This is the least stressful position for the foot.  Much like glasses for eye correction, custom orthotics help adjust fro a weak foot structure or excess strain that can contribute to pain, inflammation, foot pathology, knee strain, and spine strain.  If there is postural stress or strain from an abnormal foot position, that can translate to muscles and joints throughout the rest of the postural system.  

Comfort orthotics versus Correction orthotics:

There are two main types of orthotics: comfort orthotics  and correction orthotics.  

Comfort orthotics are inserts that can be purchased over the counter and are not custom molded to your ideal corrected foot posture. Not only are these generic, but they are usually too cushy to actually provide adequate corrective support.  Without proper support, foot strain and postural strain persists.    

Correction orthotics are generally better than comfort orthotics, because they work to place the foot in the correct position, not just add padding.  Correction orthotics also are typically custom-fitted with the proper prescription to make sure the amount and location of the corrections being applied are just right to reduce abnormal foot and postural strain. 

If you really want to get the right correction, and you should, off the shelf drug-store orthotics just won't work.  You need 20/20 Customized Postural Orthotics. 

Conditions Helped by Custom Orthotics:

There is a range of conditions that can be helped by custom orthotics, including plantar fascitis, achilles tendonitis, pes planus (flat feet), running foot pronation, paterllofemoral pain, TLF syndrome, knee arthritis, leg length deficiencies, scoliosis, and mechnanical back pain.  Even diabetes and diabetic neuropathy can benefit from custom orthotics. 

Ideal Orthotic Materials:

At ProActive Spine Care, we have researched the ideal orthotic to provide proper correction, durability, and a low profile to maximize fit in almost any shoe.  Unlike most orthotics available in the marketplace, ours are a heat-molded slim polymer orthotic that can be adjusted and readjusted at any time, and which has just enough give to provide a perfect combination of both comfort and correction. 

Our orthotics are designed to be used full time, and to reduce stress throughout the postural system.  We call that 20/20 Posture.

Modern Custom Fitting and Fabrication:

Our approach to orthotic measuring and fabrication is common-sense and cutting edge.  We measure the foot position in full weight bearing.  This is a significant improvement from traditional non-weight bearing casting.  We also take the measurement from the properly corrected position in full weight bearing, which is also far superior to traditional methods that measure the collapsed foot position.  This way, or corrections are customized to the proper position from the start. 

Our fabrication process is also fully in-clinic, so that we can see and correct subtleties in-house, while you are here.  No more waiting weeks while a lab in on the other side of the country tries to guess at your proper foot position. 

Durable and Affordable:

Our 20/20 Postural Orthotics are both durable and affordable.  They re tough enough to stand up to sports and athletic use, and flexible enough to add comfortable support in work shoes.  The durability of our orthotics also increases their life-span, so that you don't have to buy new orthotics as often as you would with traditional orthotics. 

We also price our foot orthotics to be less expensive than most traditional less effective and more bulky orthotics.

Insurance Coverage:

Our patients are often happy to learn that their health insurance may cover custom orthotics, fitting, and check-out that are medically necessary. 


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