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Chiropractic is Best First Choice

With all the choices out there for where to go to get care for muscle and joint problems, it is smart to look at the study data that compares cost and performance among different approaches.  This is also true for spine care (back and neck care).  After all, taken together, musculoskeletal complaints are the largest expenditure in health care in the United States.  The management of back and neck problems is easily the run-away leader in costs for care.  Its time people start making better informed choices about where to go and what to do. 

The kind of information that helps you make a better health care choice for neck care, back care, and treatment of muscle and joint problems can be found in studies that continue to be published, like the OptumHeath Report.  This is a 2012 insurance industry report that came from a review of 15,700,000 episodes of muscluskeletal complaints.  The conclusions were:

  • The US health care system does not align with the scientific evidence.  It does not seem to provide cost-effective care on a consistent basis.  And it appears to be producing patients with chronic disabling pain in record numbers.
  • Today's evidence based guidelines for back and beck care are often not being followed.
  • Manipulation, which is supported by most guidelines, is recommended by primary care physicians in only 2% of the acute non-specific low back pain cases.
  • Treatments for low back pain are proliferating, and it is difficult for patients to navigate these choices.
  • ​The more efficient treatment pathway typically begins with a patient consulting a chiropractor. It is also the least costly. 
  • Costs for chiropractic care were 40% less than for an MD.  Physical therapy pathway was most expensive at nearly 300% more cost compared to chiropractic care.  

So what is to be learned?  If you have a back, neck, muscle, or joint problem — See a chiropractor FIRST!

At ProActive Spine Care, our goal is to bring top level chiropractic care and rehab to the people of Fircrest, Tacoma, University Place, and surrounding areas.  Our clinic and Dr. Austin McMillin have been doing that for over 25 years.  

Give us a call today and let us help you feel great, live well, and be healthy.  

Austin McMillin Chiropractor

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