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Health Alert: Fatigue Predicts Death in Seniors. Among a group of over 3,000 older adults, those who were quicker to experience mental and physical fatigue were two times more likely to die within three years than participants with greater vitality. Journal of Gerontology: Series A, December 2021

Diet: Warning Labels Could Reduce Kids’ Sugary Drink Consumption. A recent experiment found that parents are 17% less likely purchase sugar-sweetened beverages for their kids if the products included warning labels featuring imagery on the health consequences of obesity. Senior study author Dr. Lindsey Smith Taillie adds, “Because parents buy most of the calories their children consume, this type of policy could help reduce kids' intake of sugary drinks... Reducing sugary drink intake in kids reduces excess caloric intake, which leads to weight gain... Fewer sugary drinks also means fewer dental caries and lower risk of a variety of chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.”
PLOS Medicine, February 2022

Exercise: Run Faster or Further? A recent experiment found that running at high-intensity during short intervals and running at low-intensity for longer stretches of time are equally effective for improving performance on a 3,000-meter course. Medicine Science in Sports & Exercise, January 2022

Chiropractic: Risk Factors for Back Pain in Military Personnel. A literature review found that active duty military personnel are more likely to develop acute low back pain if they have a history of musculoskeletal injury, particularly low back pain, and spend a below-average amount of time in physical training. Chiropractic Manual Therapies, December 2021

Mental Attitude: Poor Mental Health Raises Risk for Dementia. An analysis of three decades of data concerning over 1.7 million adults found that individuals with a history of mental illness have up to a four times increased risk for dementia. Additionally, those who develop the condition do so an average of five years sooner than adults without a history of mental illness. JAMA Psychiatry, February 2022

Wellness/Prevention: Wake Up Tired? To improve sleep quality, the National Sleep Foundation recommends the following: get to bed earlier, turn off all lights at bedtime, avoid electronics/technology in the bedroom, don’t sleep in longer than an hour on the weekends, and turn on lights or let the sunshine in to help your body wake in the morning. Sleep Foundation, January 2022

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