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Dr. McMillin Instructs 2014/2015 CE for WA State Chiropractors

WSCA Sponsors Continuing Education on Spine Rehab and Fitness Instructed by Dr. McMillin.

 Thanks Dr. McMillin.  The whole seminar program was fascinating. It gave me so much valuable info - tools, skills, protocols, and perspectives about spine health. I would definitely advice my colleagues to attend. -V.S.


In late 2014, The Washington State Chirorpactic Association (WSCA) and Dr. Austin McMillin announce a continuing education program for Washington State chiropractors to learn modern spine rehab principles, techniques, and fitness strategies to better help patients.  The first session was held on December 17, 2014, and received outstanding reviews from attendees.  

Dr. McMillin has been active in researching and developing better spine and weight-bearing rehab and conditioning strategies for years.  The continuing education program sponsored by the WSCA was developed by Dr. McMillin, and focuses on moving health care providers out of "old school" advice for patients and into approaches at are more contemporary and far better.  These are the same "new school" approaches supported by emerging research and recommended by Dr. McMillin in his own clinical practice. 

This program has proven to be popular and in demand right away.    Additional continuing education modules have been announced for 2015.  See the WSCA web site (events) for more information. 

Austin McMillin Chiropractor

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