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How to Make Chiropractic Care Even MORE Effective

We help people with fast pain relief from back pain, neck pain, headaches, whiplash, arthritis, and sports injuries every day. We help provide care for everything from a kink in the neck to recovery from spine surgery. We have been proud to be the Tacoma chiropractor chosen by thousands of people over the past 25+ years.

Most people we see come to us initially for pain relief.  They are often surprised at how effective chiropractic care is for pain relief and care for their neck pain, back pain, or headaches.  And they are also happy to lean we treat other muscle and joint conditions and injuries, too – like rotator cuff and shoulder problems, hip pain problems, knee arthritis and pain problems, foot pain and plantar fasciitis, and TMJ problems.  

One of the things we educate patients about is how to get EVEN more from their chiropractic care, and how to make sure they are treating their condition more completely and more effectively.  Some of these things are straightforward  – such as following care recommendations, reporting new symptoms, and avoiding the wrong things. 

But we also educate people about other key enhancements to chiropractic care.  

Some of these things are very simple but often overlooked. We seen many patients who have had care with other Tacoma chiropractors, or care with physical therapy or medical providers but not had these things emphasized at all.

What are are some of these things?

When you are looking for better overall care from a Tacoma chiropractor, give us a call.  We focus on providing great chiropractic care with key enhancements.  

Austin McMillin Chiropractor

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