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Fatigue Specialist

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Fatigue that affects daily life and persists in spite of rest signals numerous problems, including overtraining, chronic fatigue syndrome, and general issues with muscle, bones, and joints. All of these can be improved with chiropractic care. Dr. Austin McMillin at ProActive Spine Care offers comprehensive therapies to relieve pain, improve sports performance, and help lift your fatigue. He serves residents of Tacoma, South Puget Sound, and University Place from his office in Fircrest, Washington.

Fatigue Q & A

What are the causes of fatigue?

Fatigue becomes a health concern when it persists over time, causes a constant state of weariness, and isn’t relieved by a good night’s sleep. This type of unrelenting fatigue affects every aspect of your life and health.

Fatigue is a common symptom for hundreds of health issues, including musculoskeletal problems often treated with chiropractic therapies. Chronic pain also causes fatigue. If the source of your chronic pain is related to a misaligned spine, or issues with your muscles and bones, chiropractic treatment may relieve the pain and improve fatigue.

What is chronic fatigue syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a health condition that causes intense fatigue along with poor memory and difficulty concentrating. People with chronic fatigue syndrome often become physically sick after engaging in exercise. It also causes joint pain and persistent muscle pain.

How is chronic fatigue syndrome treated with chiropractic care?

Chiropractic therapies relieve muscle and joint pain due to chronic fatigue syndrome. Gentle hands-on therapies relieve muscle tightness and treat soft tissues that surround and support muscles, nerves, and bones. Spinal adjustment restores balance, which treats pain by removing stress from muscles and decompressing nerves.

At ProActive Spine Care, patients with chronic fatigue syndrome can schedule relaxing or therapeutic massage. We also offer nutritional guidance to promote optimal energy as well as lifestyle coaching, if you need support for structuring your activities to maintain energy balance.

What causes fatigue in athletes?

Athletes are driven to improve performance, so they sometimes devote too much time to intense training and not enough time to the rest that’s vital for muscles to recover and rebuild. When training and rest aren’t properly balanced, muscles break down and athletic performance declines. Fatigue is the primary symptom of this type of overtraining.

How can chiropractic services at ProActive Spine Care help athletes?

Dr. McMillin offers expert care for athletes striving to maintain balance and improve performance. He analyzes your training schedule, then works with you to develop new ways to train and increase functional accuracy. He also teaches corrective exercises that adjust imbalances resulting from the training required for your sport.

Dr. McMillin offers muscle energy therapy, balance and gait training, and diverse chiropractic therapies to maintain joint alignment. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a student engaged in sports, or a dedicated enthusiast, chiropractic care can help prevent fatigue and support your overall well-being.


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