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Lower Back Pain Specialist

ProActive Spine Care

Chiropractors located in Greater Tacoma Area, Fircrest, WA

It’s estimated that 80% of all Americans will experience lower back pain sometime in their lives. Whether you need relief from an acute back injury or ongoing lower back pain, Dr. Austin McMillin at ProActive Spine Care offers expert chiropractic adjustments, deep massage, and an on-site functional rehabilitation facility. Dr. McMillin serves residents of Tacoma, South Puget Sound, and University Place from his office in Fircrest, Washington.

Lower Back Pain Q & A

Why is lower back pain so common?

Lower back pain ranges from a mild ache to a sharp, debilitating pain. In many people, it resolves on its own in a few weeks; for others, a back injury turns into a lifelong and often disabling condition.

The lower back is especially vulnerable to pain because:

It’s designed for flexibility. The lower spine lets you twist, move and bend, but to get that much mobility, you give up structural support that would stabilize the back. As a result, the lower back is susceptible to injuries and bone displacement.

It supports body weight. The lower back supports the full weight of your upper body. Over time, the pressure damages discs between the vertebral bones.

What causes lower back pain?

Some of the most common causes of lower back pain are:

  • Injury to muscles
  • Muscle spasms
  • Herniated disc
  • Injury to the spine
  • Spine degeneration
  • Lifting a heavy object

Underlying health conditions also contribute to lower back pain. For example, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia can lead to long-term back pain, while other problems like kidney stones may cause temporary flare-ups.

What lower back pain services are available at ProActive Spine Care?

Spinal manipulation and mobilization are just two of the chiropractic techniques Dr. McMillin may use to treat your lower back pain. At ProActive Spine Care, we offer massage therapy, traction and decompression, and dedicated rehabilitation facilities to complement chiropractic treatments.

Chiropractic care effectively relieves pain, improves function, and prevents progressive deterioration from these common lower back problems:

Spinal misalignment: Nerves are irritated, blood flow is restricted, and discs are damaged when the bones in the spine are displaced from their normal position.

Herniated disc: A disc between the vertebrae bulges out between the bones.

Sprains and strains: A muscle strain occurs when the muscle in the lower back is damaged. It’s called a lumbar sprain when the ligaments are injured. Both injuries cause inflammation that may lead to back spasms.

Trigger points: A trigger point develops when a small area of a muscle has spasms. The trigger point is painful when pressed, but it also refers pain to another part of the body. Trigger points in the buttocks cause pain in the lower back.

Muscle tension: When you’re stressed or anxious, muscles tighten in the back, which causes pain.


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